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The Alvin Youth Livestock Arena Association (AYLAA) was organized to promote the sport of rodeo among young Americans and to improve the image of rodeo through improved cooperation of youth rodeo contestants, parents, and adults interested in the youth rodeo movement. The AYLAA is a nonprofit organization managed by a Board of Directors who is elected by the General Membership

Announcing General Board Meeting!

Dear Aylaa Members and Alumni,

It's time for our general board meeting that will be held on September 18th at 7 PM at the AYLAA meeting room. All active Summer Series and Lifetime Members (paid and active) can vote for a new President, Vice President, and Treasurer position. This meeting will be critical as we are turning over several key positions on our board. Per our Bylaws, executive positions must come from the existing board and must have served for one year. In addition, other board seats will be available for new board members to join and get involved.

I'm incredibly proud of this team's work over the last two years together. We have made great strides in improving our grounds, prizes, scholarships, and more. We lost a good friend along the way and started the Patrick Fox Scholarship in his honor. We have been incredibly blessed to have such charitable donations from all our sponsors, which helped us beat the prior year and reach $48000 in donations that will continue to go into our grounds and facilities.

Now is the time to get involved with your time, talent, and charitable donations to keep this great AYLAA organization moving forward. I am grateful for the opportunity to have served for the last six years, blessed to have been part of our success, and highly confident the next board will keep the legacy alive and growing. Please come out and cast your vote and get involved.

Sincerely - Roy Smith (President)

Don't forget to sign up for our free AY Updates, just text @aylaa3 to 469-606-4721 to get instant updates via text message. These updates are great reminders for upcoming dates, events, items for sale and also the occasional weather delay/cancellation. If you haven't already go like and follow our FB page @AYLAA OFFICIAL.






Are you intreseted in participating at AYLAA... Look here and find out info about AYLAA Summer Series, Reunion Rodeo and  Clinics/ Exhibitions that we conduct at AYLAA arena!

  • Membership application is available after summer series
  • Release of liabiity- needs notary
  • Scholarship form

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